All RoadKing drivers must comply with the company rules.  Remember being part of RoadKing is at the discretion of RoadKing staff (The Court), and ultimately RoadKing’s owner (A Rìgh an Rathaid), failure to comply with these rules can result in dismissal from RoadKing.

There are also rules for all members of our Discord server and website (referred to as users, from now on), whether you are a RoadKing driver or not, these apply if you are part of our Discord server or log in to this website – even if you don’t ever apply to join the VTC.  They also apply to comments posted on our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram accounts, and drivers’ and staff’s Steam accounts, Discord and Steam direct/private messages (DMs/PMs), emails, and any other form of communication with RoadKing VTC, it’s drivers, staff or representatives.

Here are the rules, they are split into 2 categories.  Rules for everyone (drivers and users) and rules for drivers only.

Rules for everyone

  1. Follow all RoadKing staff instructions.
  2. No insulting others.
  3. No discrimination.
  4. No spamming.
  5. No phishing.
  6. No bullying or harassment of others, this includes threatening comments or behaviour.
  7. Be sensitive to the personal circumstances of others.
  8. No posting personal information of others, without their written consent.  Be careful of the personal information you share about yourself.
  9. No posting or linking to offensive or obscene material or NSFW content, this includes linking to NSFW Discord servers or websites.  This includes unsolicited sending or posting such via direct message (DM) or private message (PM) or email.
  10. No offensive or obscene or insulting avatars and usernames.
  11. No impersonating RoadKing staff, Truckers MP staff, political or other authority figures.
  12. No posting links to other VTCs without written permission from a member of RoadKing staff.
  13. No asking for Discord admin privileges or to become a member of RoadKing staff, we do not accept applications for these posts – they are chosen by The King.  Do not contact any member of RoadKing staff to ask to be chosen to be a Discord admin or member of staff.  We currently have no plans to expand our team, but if this changes the chosen members will be contacted.
  14. Do not participate in any hacking groups or tools or discuss any such groups or tools in any of RoadKing’s or Q Web’s platforms – that includes this website (all pages under, our Discord server, our Steam group or any other RoadKing or Q Web platform including but not limited to Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram comments, Direct Messages (DM), Private Messages (PM) or email.  This includes messaging RoadKing website or Discord members about such groups or tools.  In this context “hacking” refers to any method of gaining unauthorized access someone else’s electronic equipment or account.

Rules for drivers:

  1. Follow all Truckers MP rules and obey Truckers MP staff instructions.
  2. Follow all RoadKing staff and RoadKing Traffic Management driver instructions, as long as you would not break one of the other rules by doing so.  In other words, don’t break the rules because someone told you.  Report any RoadKing staff or RoadKing Traffic Management drivers asking you to break any of these rules, or any RoadKing driver breaking these rules in our Discord server in #reports (provide evidence if possible).
  3. Do not report RoadKing drivers or staff to Truckers MP staff or using the Truckers MP reporting system.  We prefer to handle issues in house – RoadKing staff will report a driver to Truckers MP after they have been dismissed from the company if it is deemed necessary to do so, to protect the image of the company.
  4. Drive safely and defensively at all times.  This means travel at a speed you can handle (we do not enforce any speed limit, but expect drivers to drive a speed they can handle, and that is suitable for the conditions).  Use your indicators (blinkers/turn signals) and mirrors.  Use the engine brake (default key B) to slow down faster if necessary.  Warn other drivers of accidents ahead if you can do so safely.
  5. Only RoadKing staff and RoadKing Traffic Management Traffic Patrol drivers and RoadKing Advanced Driver-ranked drivers are allowed to drive the Scout car.
  6. Always drive with the RoadKing approved Truckers MP username format and game tag and with “ROADKING” plate on the LEFT of your truck.
  7. You should drive in RoadKing livery (paint job/colours) whenever possible, all of the time if possible.  We do appreciate individuality, so you can occasionally drive in other colours but comply with Rule 6 no matter what paintjob you are using.
  8. Always drive with Logit job logger installed.
  9. Use beacons appropriately.  If there is a beacon installed on the trailer then you should have beacons installed on your truck and turn them on at all times. You should also use your beacon while pulling an ADR (Dangerous goods/HazMat/Hazardous Materials etc) trailer.
  10. During RoadKing convoys, both public and private, and in any public or Truckers MP events you must drive in RoadKing livery and you must follow the rules set by RoadKing staff for any special formation, route or method.

RoadKing staff (management, i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Support Staff) maybe be exempted from these rules, if it is necessary for them to perform their duties.

In addition to these rules anyone using this website or any other RoadKing VTC platform (including, but not limited to, our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Discord – whether logged in or not) agrees to our terms of use and privacy policy.