ROADKING now on Virtual Truck Log – Including Live Map!

RoadKing Transportation Services is now on Virtual Truck Log!  What does this mean for you?  Well as a ROADKING driver, it means you can log your jobs in this platform instead of or as well as TrucksBook but the main benefits, are:

  1. Free Live Map – track other ROADKING drivers, and drivers from other VTCs that use Virtual Truck Log – this will make it easier for meetups in game.  ETS2 or ATS Original Map is the one to use for TruckersMP, depending on the game.
  2. Discord integration – your jobs will show up in our Discord server!  

New applications to ROADKING no longer require TrucksBook, but you can still use it if you like!  Now to go off topic, here is a photo of ROADKING’s Turkish Special!

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