New Convoy Control, Management and Protection Department (CCM/P)

RoadKing is in the process of setting up a new Convoy Control, Management and Protection Department (CCM/P), which will be responsible, with the pilot team for looking after our convoys out on the mean streets of ETS2 and to a lesser extent ATS.

They will use trucks (Scania S730, with GA 6 speed gearbox) in a special livery, which will be showcased at a later date, as well as purple cars both with orange beacons.

They will function to keep the convoy moving in the correct direction, and protect the convoy from bad drivers and help reroute the convoy in the event of blocked roads or other incidents, as well as protecting the rear of the convoy (including the rear pilot from those nasty rear enders!)

We are currently requiring for CCM/P, if you want to be a part of the team please join RoadKing then speak to one of our staff in Discord about joining our CCM/P team.

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