Welcome to the RoadKing and Bulgarian RoadKings Joining Manual and Driver’s Handbook! Everything you need to know about joining RoadKing and being a RoadKing driver is on this page – you should bookmark it for future reference!



Accounts required (click the links to go to the sites and register if you haven’t got an account yet):

Additional Requirements, you must:

  • Be a member of this website (registration instructions are in the How to Apply section)
  • Be a member of our Steam group
  • Be a member of our Discord server
  • Be active in Truckers MP Euro Truck Simulator 2 “Europe 2” server and/or American Truck Simulator “Europe” server
  • Have a basic knowledge of English
  • Be willing to agree to and follow our rules
  • Be willing to sit a driving test
  • Be willing to install (and keep installed) the Logit job logger. This is required for us to know how much you’ve driven to allow you to rank up in the company.
  • Be willing to change your Truckers MP username to meet company requirements (details will be linked to here).
  • Be willing to perform your duties if you are successful in joining

How to Apply (please do the following in the order shown):

To apply you’ll need to be a member of this site. Don’t worry registration is easy and automatic using Discord for authentication – that’s why you need a Discord account.

Just look for this button in the footer and click on it (the footer is the bottom of the page – the button will in the button right corner if you’re using a computer or right at the bottom on the mobile version):

After you’ve entered your Discord details, and authorized the app, your RoadKing website account will be created. Your username is set for you from your Discord email, but you can set your own Display Name.

Once you’re logged in to the RoadKing website you need to do the following to apply for the VTC:

  1. Fill in the application. If you’re having trouble with any parts of the form contact a member of RoadKing staff via Steam – click on the avatars on the main page to be open each profile – or Discord (you’ll see staff at the top of the member list if they’re online).
  2. Wait for a member of staff to contact you. You will be contacted in Discord either via direct message (DM) or in the Discord server (you’ll be mentioned). You’ll be given the RoadKing Trainee Discord role.
  3. Download and install the Logit job logger and apply to be added to the RoadKing company there. This will give allow you to appear in a live map, as well as recording all the trailers you deliver. Instructions on how to install the Logit job logger are below.

Installing Logit job logger:

Logit job logger (which you downloaded above – if the download failed just follow these instructions to download it another way, and install it) is provided by Virtual Truck Log aka VTLog – when you install it you’ll need to enter your key which you can find by going to the VTLog website, logging in and clicking on Profile in the top right corner:

Next click on Edit Logit on the left:

Next follow the steps on the page. Your key is at the bottom of the page.


If you get a message similar to the one below, click Run Anyway – it comes up because Logit is not made by a “recognized” developer like Microsoft, but by a member of the Truckers MP community, just like us.

Approval conditions:

After you apply you’ll have to sit a driving test with one of RoadKing’s driving instructors. The reason for this driving test is to ensure we only have the best drivers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator representing RoadKing and flying our regal colours.

If you pass the test your application will be approved.

If you fail your test you’ll have 2 more attempts (3 attempts in total).

If you fail 3 times, your application will not be approved, you’ll be removed from our VTLog, and your role in Discord will be changed to RoadKing Recruit.

You’ll be allowed to apply again after 1 month.

Driver number (callsign):

You driver number is RK followed by your VTLog user number, e.g. RK8378. Details of how it should be written in your Truckers MP username will be linked to here.

In addition to this, RoadKing Traffic Management has it’s own callsign system. Click here or contact Stef.c for details.

Driver ranks:

In RoadKing VTC we have several driver ranks. We also have a milestone bonus system and bonuses for the first 10 people to join every month (starting June 2018).

Driver ranks:

When you join RoadKing VTC’s Discord server, you’ll be given the RoadKing Recruit role. This is not really a rank as you haven’t joined the company yet. The lowest rank in RoadKIng, which you’ll get once you’ve applied is RoadKing Trainee, you’ll keep this rank until you pass your driving test, after you pass you’ll get the RoadKing Driver rank.

The next ranks depend on how much distance you’ve covered in game (either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator) since joining the company. We will count both single player and multiplayer driving but you should try to have more multiplayer hours representing our brand in public, in game.

The other ranks, with the minimum distances are in the table:

RankMinimum Distance
RoadKing Advanced Driver50,000 kilometres
RoadKing Expert Driver500,000 kilometres
RoadKing Ultimate Driver1,000,000 kilometres


  • Your rank will be shown in VTLog and as a Discord role in our server. You’ll be able to add it to your TMP username (instructions link to follow).
  • Ranks are not shown in VTLog for RoadKing staff or RoadKing Traffic Manangement team. They will be shown in Discord.
  • RoadKing Traffic Management (RTM) team driver’s aren’t necessarily higher ranked than drivers, they are just grouped that way in VTLog so that all RTM roles are listed together. All other ranks in VTLog are in order.
  • RoadKing Traffic Management has it’s own ranking system and job titles, in addition to these ranks. Click here or contact Stef.c for details.
  • Distances used are from VTLog so you will not rank up if you don’t use install (and keep installed) the Logit job logger from VTLog.
  • The minimum distance to qualify for any RoadKing bonus is 5000 kilometres.
  • Ranks do not lead to Discord admin or staff privileges, they are a way for your hard work driving for us to be recognised, and may lead to special bonuses or rewards.

Duties after joining:

  • Remain active on TruckersMP
  • Follow RoadKing rules
  • Be active in our Discord server
  • Be active in this website and forum
  • If you use social media, you must follow or like or subscribe to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus (including joining our community) and YouTube. Feel free to create separate accounts from your personal social media accounts, if you’d prefer to follow us under your in game name or a nickname. If you don’t use those social media you don’t have to follow/like/subscribe.
  • Assist in convoy and traffic management and driver assistance (RoadKing Traffic Management team only)
  • Above all try to have fun and be proud to be a driver with RoadKing VTC – The Royal Class of Freight Transport #RoyalClass

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