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    We all play TruckersMP quite frequently (Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator), and it can be boring and slow to see the intro every time, especially if it normally takes long to load.

    Here is how to skip it:

    1) Open the main Steam window – TruckersMP should not be running.  And click add a game, then Add a Non-Steam Game…:

    2) Look for TruckersMP in the list tick it and click add selected programs:

    3) TruckersMP will be added to your Steam library list, find it in that list, right-click it and select Properties:

    4) Next click set launch options…

    5) and type “-nointro” without the quotes:

    6) Next click OK and CLOSE.

    7) Now you can go delete or rename the normal TruckersMP shortcut on your desktop, and go back into the Steam library window and right-click TruckersMP.  This time choose Create Desktop Shortcut.  This new shortcut Steam will create will launch TruckersMP without playing the game intro, for either game.

    Skip Intro for Single Player

    To skip the intro for single player instead of right-clicking the TruckersMP option in the Steam library list, right-click the actual game (Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator), select Properties and follow steps 4 – 6, above.



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