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    Date: Sunday 11th November 2018

    Time: 17:00 UTC (GMT)

    Server: ETS Europe 2

    DLC Required: Going East! for last part only

    Starting City: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

    Starting Point: Sea Port

    Destination: Berlin (Dukla Pass nr. Košice for DLC users)

    Convoy Route:
    Newcastle (Tyne Port) – Anne Frank House (Amsterdam) – Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms (London) – Dover Port – Dunkirk (Calais Port) – Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Berlin) – [DLC Areas: Auschwitz-Birkenau (Katowice) – Wolf’s Lair/Wolfsschanze (Olsztyn) – Dukla Pass (nr. Košice)]

    We will depart at 5 pm or as close to as possible. Join RoadKing VTC Discord using the widget at the bottom of this page for voice chat.

    As we Stand for the Flag, and Kneel for the Fallen, we will travel through to some significant World War II areas. Unfortunately, these places are not properly represented in ETS2 due to the scale of the map, but we will use the closest viable locations.

    We’ll have a two (2) minute silence at each stop before we continue the convoy/go for bathroom breaks etc. After the two minute silence, feel free to share any relevant history or anecdotes (stories).

    Additional Info:
    We will leave Tyne Port and take the ferry to IJmuiden and drive to Amsterdam Hotel (for Anne Frank House) then drive to Rotterdam Europoort and cross back to the UK and drive to London Hotel or Bus Stn (for Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms).

    Next we will drive to Dover Port and pause for photos after the silence, before crossing to Calais Port (for Dunkirk). Approximating the location of Dunkirk puts it on the Calais-Duisburg road so we will use the port instead to avoid the chaos.

    After leaving Calais we will take the most direct route to Berlin (for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe/Holocaust Memorial). This is where the convoy will end for those without Going East! DLC.

    DLC Going East! Drivers only:

    After a brief rest in Berlin we will continue to Katowice Stein-Bruch (for Auschwitz-Birkenau) and finally north to a rest stop between Olsztyn and Bialystok (for the Wolf’s Lair/Wolfsschanze).  We will then drive south to the memorial of the Battle of the Dukla Pass (Dukla / Carpatho-Dukla / Rzeszów-Dukla / Dukla-Prešov Offensive).  This is where the convoy will end for those who own the Going East! DLC.


    Follow all TruckersMP rules and follow all instructions given by ROADKING staff and drivers. Follow RoadKing VTC The following rules also apply:

    • No overtaking – keep the place assigned to you.
    • Obey traffic lights.
    • Keep a safe distance from the truck in front.
    • Use one lane so we don’t block traffic and risk being disciplined by TruckersMP staff
    • No cars other than pilots.
    • No beacons other than pilots.

    Bring an empty box trailer (not flat bed) in the Sade paint job with Poppy Red top and bottom, and Green in the middle – see screenshot below.

    Paint Job:
    Sade paint job with Poppy Red top and bottom, and Green in the middle – see screenshot below.

    Tag: RoadKing Remembers (in red)

    Paint Job:


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