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    It’s great to have radio to listen to in game, but maybe your favourite station isn’t there?  That’s no problem – here’s how to add to the list of stations:

    First go to Documents on your computer and find the Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator 2 folder:

    Next open live_streams.sii (live_streams, if you have file extensions hidden), Windows will ask you which program you want to use to open it.  I use Notepad++ but you can just use Notepad, either way tick Always use this program to open sii files, if you don’t want to choose every time.

    Once you’ve opened it, check the number at the top where it says stream_data, and add to this number the number of stations you are adding.  So if your number is 242 like mine, and you are adding two stations, change it to 245.  This is important to get right to avoid errors/crashes.  Hint – if you aren’t sure check the number of the last station you added at the bottom – the number at the top should be one more than that.

    Next go to the bottom and make a new line like this:



    • NUMBER is the number in the array (list) of streams
    • STREAM URL is the link to the radio stream
    • STATION NAME is the name of the station (obviously)
    • GENRE is the type of station
    • LANGUAGE CODE is the two letter code for the language (English is EN)
    • BITRATE is the bitrate the station streams at – this should usually be listed on the site that linked to it.  If in doubt try 128 (this is most common), if it doesn’t work try 96, 192 or 320.
    • FAVOURITE sets whether the station is a favourite in game (important if you want to change stations while driving, without stopping) 1 means favourite, 0 means don’t favourite.

    The ones in red above are important to get right!

    • The number must be unique in the list and in sequence, so to make it easy for yourself add new stations at the bottom, or you have to change a lot of numbers, and check them all!  If the last number in your list is 239 the station you add should be 240 and so on.
    • STREAM URL is a full link like for TruckOnRadio.  It should be a “streaming mp3” link, here is a site with links for UK stations:  Google if you want a different country’s station, or reply and I’ll see if I can find a link.
    • LANGUAGE CODE should be a valid code – it doesn’t have to be correct, e.g. you could use EN for all stations you add even if they aren’t in English (but the station would be listed under the wrong language in game), here’s a link to a list of codes:

    Here is an example of a station you can add (TruckOnRadio):

    stream_data[240]: "|TruckOnRadio|Sim radio|EN|128|1"

    Remember to add the space at the start of each line for the stations you add, and check the numbers are in sequence and not the same.

    Once you are done save the file, and run the game to see if the station works.  If it doesn’t work look for a different link.  Just because it plays in your web browser doesn’t mean it will work in game – all stations are different.

    Setting Radio Controls

    You should also setup buttons for controlling the radio in game, so you don’t have to stop driving to turn the radio on.  You can’t really turn it off while driving, but you can reduce the volume till you can’t hear it (like muting it), which is good enough till you reach a safe place to stop.

    Here’s how to do it:

    In Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator after choosing your profile, go to Options > Keys & Buttons:

    These are the options you’ll need to set.  As it suggests, it switches between favorite stations only – not every single station, when you are on Internet Radio mode.  On Music player mode it switches to the next file.

    If you press either Previous or Next Favourite button you set here when there is no music playing, it turns on the music you had on last (so if you were listening to radio, it will start the radio, if your own music that’s what will start) – so there’s no need to stop your truck to press R to bring up the menu, unless you need to change mode.

    Hint – change mode when you first start the game if you know you need to, even if you aren’t going to start the music immediately, so it’s in the right mode when you feel like music.  It will stay in that mode till you change it again.

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